Our very own critic’s review of The Cuban!

Hi all!

The latest restaurant review we have for you is local foodie Louis’ experience at The Cuban, located on Bristol’s fabulous Harbourside…

Here, we have the Excitement of Cuba in the heart of Bristol. Enjoy carefully crafted dishes with a mix of exotic cocktails and drinks in a lively, theatrical restaurant.

Have a read of what Louis thought of his meal at The Cuban, check out the video below and his stunning photos to see some of their exciting dishes, and click book now to grab your early table and save 50% off the food bill!


“When you first walk into the Cuban, you instantly feel transported away from Bristol and to some restaurant in the Caribbean, with its funky decor and music. 

As it was one of the many extremely warm evenings we’ve been having, we decided to go straight in for a cooling long cocktail – mojitos all round! Happy hour is every hour from Monday to Thursday, so easy to get carried away. The mojitos were just what we needed, with the perfect amount of sharpness to counteract the sweetness – I’m not one for an uber sweet cocktail. 

To start, we got some calamari and the aubergine roulade. The calamari was the best calamari I’ve had for… well, since I can remember! It’s so common to get really rubbery calamari, but this was just so tender and with just the right amount of batter, which was so light! The aubergine roulade was stuffed with tomato and basil – this was such a lovely fresh taste and actually went really well alongside the calamari.”

“For main, we went for the Tacos De Carne and the Pollo a la Parilla. Tacos De Carne wAs shredded slow cooked beef generously stuffed into baked tortilla shells. This beef was wonderfully rich tasting and topped of perfectly with the classic trio of soured cream, guac and salsa. 

The Pollo a la Parilla, was skewered chicken thighs which had been marinated for 24 hours. It was cooked to perfection and accompanied with some seriously good skinny fries and coleslaw.

We were pretty full by the time we got round to pudding so got some mango sorbet and lemon sorbet, which finished the meal off perfectly!”

-Louis Smith, August 2018