‘Game changing’ Indian-British fusion menu at Pipal Tree

Hi all!

I’d like to share my recent experience of the Pipal Tree restaurant in Easton, as I had such a great time! I was kindly invited to the launch evening of their new winter menu by owner and talented chef, Kirpal Singh. 

I initially came across this lovely little restaurant when a friend recommended it to me, as they offer a variety of vegetarian dishes. We visited for lunch and I thought it was fantastic, so I had a chat with Kirpal about joining Eat Early which I was extremely excited about. The restaurant is family run and completely off the usual dining trail in Bristol, so may not easily be stumbled upon by passers by. I was thrilled to start spreading the word about the Pipal Tree through our restaurant discovery platform, so our followers could learn about this unique and vibrant menu.

The cuisine is Indian-British fusion, and the recipes have been created by the dynamic duo; Kirpal and his wonderful wife Kulwinder. The Traditional Punjabi dishes are created by Kulwinder, using her own extensive cooking knowledge mixed with old family recipes. Kirpal champions the fusion dishes; creating an exciting mix of great British dishes and Indian flavours. The menu showcases game season meat and the best quality local produce around. It is certainly unique – where else could you try Tandoori Pheasant or a Game Curry (fittingly named the ‘Game Changer’)?!

So, I arrived with my partner Jack and was greeted by Kirpal’s son Dylan who did a fantastic job of hosting the evening. His enthusiasm was very uplifting and his knowledge of the menu was extensive. He discussed the whole menu with us explaining each dish we were interested in and answered any questions we had. Dylan recommended to try the ‘Gal Gapay’ to start; small poppadom balls accompanied with their homemade pickle tray of Spicy Mint Chutney, Sweet Tomato Chutney, Tangy Imly and Sour Raita. Smash a little hole in the top of the poppadom ball, fill with the dips, and shove the whole thing in your mouth, trying different combinations until you make the perfect ball! Well – these were heavenly and great fun to start off the evening!

We then moved on to our starters; I had the Vegetarian Samosa and Jack went for the Mixed Game Samosa. We both agreed that these were very tasty indeed! Perfectly crunchy on the outside, and a variety of great flavours on the inside. 

For mains Jack tried the Pheasant, which was marinated in a home-made tandoori paste and cooked in a red wine and cream sauce. This was served with mixed vegetables and Punjabi Aloo, and is one of their famous fusion dishes. This dish recently won the Pipal Tree a place in the National Curry Week cook book ‘From Bombay to Britain’ as one of the UK’s top 50 Indian restaurants – what a huge achievement! Jack thought the dish was beautiful, and thoroughly enjoyed it. For the vegetarian option, I had the Chana Aloo and this was honestly one of my favourite Indian dishes to date; chickpeas and potatoes cooked in a chana masala sauce with rice. It was absolutely delicious, the perfect spice level, rich, creamy, lots of flavour, the perfect dish for me. My dish was actually vegan and both of our dishes were gluten-free so there is plenty of variety for everyone. 

Overall we had a fantastic evening. The family are so friendly and helpful with choosing dishes and are constantly wondering around the restaurant chatting to customers and making everyone feel welcome, the food was outstanding, it was everything we expected and more. I would highly recommend any Indian food lovers to check this out as it is certainly a unique spin on the usual Indian menu. 

If you book your table through our website you can save yourself 25% off the bill as well! To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new menu, and as I am so eager for you all to try it for yourselves to taste how good it is, feel free to use voucher code: PIPALEXC2 to get the booking fee for free! 

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I always love hearing your feedback so please do let us know what you think, or do tag us in any photos of your meal on social media. I love sharing photos of our foodie community enjoying their Eat Early meals for others to see.

Talk soon!


Chloe Plaister