Where are you treating Mum this Sunday?

It’s the one day of the year that mothers, whoever that may be in your life, get to put their feet up and get pampered for once. After 364 days of picking up after you, being your taxi, cooking your meals and begging you to stop treating her house like a hotel, March 31st is the day for them to be treated like the queens they are. 

Instead of forgetting to get the chicken out of the freezer for the 100th time, why don’t you take her somewhere nice (and a bit more affordable thanks to Eat Early!). 


For the mum that begged you to share with your siblings

Show her you have grown as a person and take her out for a smattering of tapas, courtesy of Giraffe. With small plates inspired by cuisines all over the globe, she could be tucking into a lot of what she fancies without worrying about everyone else getting enough. Our favourites are the kaarage chicken, halloumi fries and the warm garlic flatbread with cheese. For those that sadly never learned the magic of sharing, there are plenty of big main plates too.

(Photo credit: Giraffe World Kitchen)


For the mum that usually settles for a takeaway

After a long week of working and dealing with your shenanigans, the idea of putting on something nice and heading out to dinner sounds exhausting to some mums. It’s far easier to tap an app on her phone and get a takeaway delivered to the door. But this is the day for showing off the head of your household so chuck on some gladrags and head out for food instead. Bandook has a range of beautiful Indian food that will taste far better than a greasy takeaway (and no washing up) in a cosy restaurant right by the harbour. If she’s more of a pizza fan, Pizzarova will cook her something with her choice of toppings! When’s the last time she had a pizza freshly made just for her?


The globe trotting empty nester

Not everyone is still at home and your mum might be the sort of lady who’s really enjoying her new found freedom without you getting under her feet. Often she can be found abroad living her best life and enjoying her new found disposable income. If you can catch her between trips, you can take her somewhere to remind her of her travels, perhaps The Cuban to reminisce over cocktails, dancing and a feast of fish stew or slow cooked pork? Or maybe Fujiyama where her love for sushi and Japan is reawakened? What about The Mint Room for a true taste of India? Wherever you chose she is bound to enjoy another bite of her travels.


Lady that brunches

Like most people in 2019, she might like an excuse to start drinking before 11am, so we suggest brunch at Buttermilk and Maple. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and of course lashings of Bloody Marys and Prosecco is bound to put her in a good mood, the perfect time to ask to borrow some money…