Eat Early is launching TODAY! Here is a little bit about us…

If anyone out there LOVES discovering delicious food as much as we do, this is the place to be…

I would like to start by introducing you all to our exciting new start-up company Eat Early, where we are all about discovering new restaurants and tasting the best of this beautiful city! Coming from a wonderful family of foodies that all very much love socialising around a fantastic meal, and see it as an occasion for everyone to get together, it should not come as a surprise that I too thoroughly enjoy exploring new places to take friends, colleagues and family to catch up over great food.

From this warming and social family orientated lifestyle, the Eat Early movement has materialised… If we enjoy uncovering all of this heavenly food so much (and I must say, we are pretty good at it!) why not share our findings with the incredible people of Bristol to experience as well. Being local to Bristol, it is the perfect place to embark on our new venture as we have been able to enjoy the fabulous diversity of cuisines that this city offers for our entire lives, and although there is still much more to be discovered, we have a good idea of what our fellow foodies will fancy.

How it works is simple; visit to start discovering delicious food. Check out some of the tastiest places in Bristol, keep up to date with the latest news, guides and reviews of our restaurants with The Eat Early Feed, and book a table to receive the impressive Eat Early discount for your meal.

We are all for supporting the business community of Bristol, no matter if our partners are large companies or independent businesses, we are avid believers of working together with the fantastic restaurants of Bristol to keep the dining scene of this incredible city, our home, as lively and exciting as it is today. We have personally tasted and experienced something in each of our restaurants that we believe makes them special and unique, whether that is a certain dish, the chef’s cooking style, a cuisine that we love, a warming atmosphere, or a buried treasure yet to be discovered. We are passionate about sharing what we enjoy about each restaurant, so we create characteristic videos for you to watch before booking, so you can get a good flavour of what they are about.

Our network of restaurants has something for everyone; whether you are a working professional looking to grab a bite to eat after work with colleagues, students looking for a good deal so you have more spending money to party (trust me, I’ve been there), a young family looking for a nice place to take the kids early evening, perhaps a group of friends or a couple looking to try something new; the Eat Early movement is a new lifestyle choice for everyone to get together and enjoy!

We take pride in keeping up to date with the latest trends and modern technologies, and incorporating them into our company to keep it fresh and exciting. We are shaping our business around our passion; so we want our company to be fun, friendly and warming for our customers, our restaurants and of course our wonderful team.

I am very lucky to be embarking on this new venture with my business partner, co director and brother, Edward Plaister. After graduating the University of the West of England back in 2012 with a BSc degree of IT Management for Business, I feel my professors taught me some valuable skills that fit perfectly with my sales and marketing experience for this new venture. That, alongside my brother’s excessive business knowledge and experience from his current Directorship at David Plaister Ltd, I believe creates a great team to move forward!

Finally, I would like to thank our wonderful team at Eat Early HQ for their dedication to getting everything prepared for the launch; we are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic, talented, and creative group of individuals with us from the start line. I would also like to thank our following of eager customers waiting to start Eating Early and the fantastic restaurants that we have on board already; we have had so much fun working with you all. Last but not least, thank you to our wonderful family and friends for your incredible support so far. I am extremely excited for the incredible journey ahead and what a phenomenal city of people to be able to share this with!

NOW, enough of us… We are launching TODAY – BRISTOL LET’S EAT EARLY!!!

As a little thank you for being with us from the start line have your first Eat Early booking this week on me! Just use voucher code: CPSECRET1.

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Chloe Plaister, one very excited Director  

Wednesday 21st February 2018